Spanish World Champion Carolina Marin Meets Spanish Royal Family

Achieving an amazing victory at this year’s BWF World Championships and becoming the first Spanish badminton player to win the title, Carolina Marin (NANORAY Z-SPEED, SHBF1NLTD) and her coach Fernando Rivas were invited to meet with the Spanish royal family on September 11th, 2014.

After Marin and Queen Letizia’s initial exchange,the queen expressed how impressed Marin’s history-making victory was. The queen further committed to focusing more efforts in developing badminton in Spain for future generations to come. Additionally the queen requested that Marin teach her own daughters badminton.

Expressing her gratitude for the exclusive invitation, Marin then presented the queen with YONEX badminton racquets and clothing, which she was delighted to receive. Her Majesty proceeded to call King Felipe VI to meet the young badminton star, and he offered Marin a blessing for her incredible achievement.

This is surely only the beginning for Carolina, so be sure to watch for what she does next!