Sudirman Cup 2015: Action on and off the Court

Like we mentioned previously, Lee Chong Wei (VOLTRIC Z-FORCE II LCWSHB01LTD) was met by leagues of fans at the YONEX booth. Excited to meet the 2014 YONEX OPEN JAPAN champion, people lined up to get the legendary shuttler’s signature on their gear and memorabilia. Lin Dan was also busy off the court, rushed by media after his matches for interviews.

On court, Lee Chong Wei continued to prove that he’s still got it, even after a long time away from the game. The former world No. 1 faced Korea’s Son Wan Ho, exhibiting the same high quality of play that has allowed him to win so many titles. Game 1 saw the two shuttlers hitting neck and neck, but Chong Wei stunned the world No. 5 with his expert tactics at the end, sealing the first game. The second game saw the Korean shuttler grab the first point, but Chong Wei retaliated, and lead his opponent right until the end, the final score coming to 21-17, 21-12.

Lin Dan faced Marc Zwiebler (ARCSABER 11SHB-87EX) in China’s meetup with Germany. This marked the second time the two have faced each other at the tournament this year, with Lin Dan putting on another skillful performance. Marc managed to lead the world No. 2 in the second game a number of times, but it was Lin Dan who emerged the winner at 21-12, 21-15.

2015 Sudirman Cup Results (Level 1, Day 5)

Group A

China def. Germany 3-0

Group D

Korea def. Malaysia 3-1