TeamYONEX takes on the US Open with high-function clothing and shoes designed for ease of movement

TeamYonex with the New York collection

The final Grand Slam of the season, the 2022 US Open, starts on 29 August.

The tournament-style tennis apparel worn by the players has 'VERY COOL', which keeps the temperature inside the apparel approximately 3°C lower due to the cooling effect of xylitol.
In addition, the "Precision Move" supports a light and comfortable playing experience for players. Recycled polyester is used in consideration of the environment.

The design is inspired by the Rainbow Mountain of the Peruvian Andes and features majestic, energetic colors. The design is to look great on court.

Look out for the POWER CUSHION ECLIPSION 4, which combines stability and agility, and the POWER CUSHION FUSIONREV 4, popular for its foot-hugging fit. Enjoy total coordination with apparel.