The Legends’ Vision in Jakarta - Player Introduction: Peter Gade

One of the most successful players in the history of badminton, Peter Gade has the qualities of a great sportsman; dedicated and down-to-earth he is an excellent ambassador for badminton and YONEX are proud to support him.

Danish star, Peter Gade remained at the top of the men’s world rankings from 1998 right through to 2001. Then, after a potentially career-threatening knee injury, Peter Gade made it back to compete with the world’s elite in 2002; his intense training and determination to recover paid off when he won the YONEX US Open, replicating the style and agility that he was renowned for.

His playing style consists of fast attacks, smooth footwork and constant pressure. Known for his mastery of the badminton stroke, his trademark move is the ‘deception shot’ that gave him a distinct advantage over his opponents. The ‘double action’ of the racquet in a reverse forehand or backhand allowed him to unexpectedly send the shuttle to the back of the court while bringing the player towards the net, using the opposite side of the racket head to the one anticipated to make contact with the shuttlecock at a radically different angle.

Peter won his first YONEX All England title in 1999 and continued in his career to win 24 Grand Prix/Super Series titles and 5 European Championship titles. In 2006, he briefly recaptured his number one ranking after winning the Singapore Open.

A European star, Peter Gade has been a force to be reckoned with, facing the top badminton stars from China, Indonesia, Malaysia and Japan. His legacy continues through his passion to inspire the younger generation of aspiring badminton players, and his vision to expand and enhance the scope of badminton to the level of the ATP or PGA.

Through the Legends’ Vision, Lin Dan, Lee Chong Wei, Taufik Hidayat and Peter Gade have collaborated with YONEX to further enrich the world through sport, providing happier and healthier lifestyles in today’s aspiring badminton stars.