The New Blue EZONE DR: Chosen by Nick Kyrgios

The Yonex EZONE DR tennis racquet is getting a visual makeover this October. Introducing the new blue EZONE DR—the newest addition to the EZONE line, featuring the same features of the original with a bold new design. The young and spirited Nick Kyrgios will start competing with the new racquet at the 2016 Rakuten Japan Open.

Bold and Blue

A new promo video for the racquet featuring Nick is now live. Check it out below.

Designed for Dynamic Power

Originally developed for next generation space aviation by Toray Industries, Inc., the EZONE DR features NANOMETRIC DR*— a revolutionary premium-grade carbon graphite material. Equipped in the top area of the frame head, this ultra-resilient carbon gives the racquet boosted flex strength for more repulsion and impact strength, resulting in dynamic power.

This explosive power combined with EZONE series’ characteristic large sweet spot allows players harness awesome power, even on off-center shots.

“It stands out,” commented Nick, praising the new design. “I like to be different and stand out on the court.” Nick used the EZONE DR to win his very first ATP World Tour title at the Open 13 Provence tournament, following it up with another title at the BB&T Atlanta Open.