The Secret to Hyo-Joo Kim’s Success? “YONEX’s Golf Gear,” Says Korean Sports Newspaper

The November 1st issue of Korea’s The Sports Donga sports newspaper recently published a feature on YONEX golfer and Korean LPGA money list leader Hyo-Joo Kim. The feature went into detail about her i-EZONE driver (shaft: REXIS KAIZA), and how it helped her reach the top of the money list in short order. With the headline, “The Secret to Hyo-Joo Kim’s Driver,” the article focused on her club, which has brought her six victories—including one at a major—as well as her unmatched strength on the course. The article also went into detail about how Hyo-Joo uses her club’s accuracy as her main weapon. With the help of her carbon-equipped i-EZONE driver, and REXIS KAIZA shaft that allows her to hit a nice draw with ease; she has been able to maintain a driving accuracy percentage of 81.75%; a big improvement from 69.31% last year

Read an English translation of the full article below.

The only golfer on the Korean tour to use a YONEX driver, Hyo-Joo Kim has seen an amazing increase in accuracy. “The best decision I made this year was to change my clubs!” exclaimed the 19-year-old golfer, who boasts several great wins this year—six in total between five victories on the Korean LPGA tour and one on the USLPGA tour. The main reason for these amazing results could be found in her golf bag.

As of April of this year, Hyo-Joo Kim started using YONEX’s i-EZONE TX driver, and began to see a big change in her game. While the Korean golfer’s driving accuracy percentage was at 69.31% last year, it saw a stunning increase to 81.75% this season—a result that can be chalked up to the improved accuracy on her driver shots. Notable examples of her genius could be seen at the Kumho Tire Women's Open and the Hanwha Finance Classic. Her victory at the Hanwha Finance Classic was especially impressive, as she was the only competitor to hit under par on the brutal course known for its deep roughs. Furthermore, she seized her first major win on the USLPGA tour at the Evian Championship thanks to her driver’s keen accuracy. Throughout the four days, she had a driving accuracy percentage of 82.69%. Of her 52 driver shots, 43 were inside of the fairway, overwhelming some of the world’s top veteran golfers.

Hyo-Joo Kim is the only golfer on the Korean LPGA tour to use a YONEX driver, and is showing other golfers that her skill along with YONEX’s golf gear can deliver amazing results. The specs for her gear are as follows: 445cc head at a 9 degree loft angle. The 166 cm golfer uses a 45.25-inch shaft, proving to be the perfect length. The shaft weighs in at 55 g, with a stiff-regular flex. She uses D2 swing weight—standard for female golfers.

Taking a closer look at the driver, one can fully understand the secret of the Korean golfer’s success—the head’s carbon-made crown. While driver heads are typically made only from one type of metal (e.g. titanium), Hyo-Joo Kim’s driver has a crown made of carbon. Due to this, the crown is lighter, with a deeper and lower centre of gravity, resulting in an increase in accuracy. The young golfer’s shaft also deserves special mention—Using YONEX’s REXIS KAIZA D, the shaft bends with ease and returns quickly, making drawing the ball effortless. For a player like Hyo-Joo Kim who already hits with superhuman accuracy, this shaft only serves to improve her accuracy, making her a force to be reckoned with on the course. “Since changing to YONEX, my accuracy has improved. Because of this, I can put more focus on my swing. The thing I’m the happiest and most satisfied with this year is the fact that I changed my club.”