The YONEX Stringing Team at the Australian Open

YONEX is the Official Stringing Partner of the Australian Open for 2016. The team is currently hard at work on-site at the tournament.

Meet the Team: Timo van Driel

This is Timo van Driel. He’s the life of the party in the stringing team with a constant smile on his face. His typical stringing time is between 7:30 am and 9:00 pm, stringing around 30 to 35 racquets a day! On busy days he has it cut lunch and other breaks short. Since arriving, he’s already strung over 200 racquets!

The YONEX Stringing Team in The Age

News of the YONEX Stringing Team at the Australian Open is hitting the streets! The Age has an article up about the intrepid Stringing Team and the lengths they must go through to make the tournament a success. This includes stringing nearly 5,500 racquets throughout the entire tournament, and stringing at 15 minutes per racquet.

Check out the entire article here.

Nick Kyrgios Meets the YONEX Stringing Team

Our players and our stringers share a strong bond of trust. In the video below Nick Kyrgios, currently competing at his home Slam the Australian Open, talks about his relationship with the YONEX Stringing Team.

Learn more about the YONEX Stringing Team at the official website.