The Yonex Stringing Team at YONEX OPEN JAPAN

The Yonex Stringing Team is on site at the 35th YONEX OPEN JAPAN Superseries. Made up of expert technicians from around the world, the Yonex Stringing Team provides the world’s top competitors with high-quality stringing service to help them get the best out of their game.

Across the tournament’s 6 days, roughly 500 restrings are expected. Required to work on several racquets in such a short amount of time, our stringers are committed to their craft. We sat down spoke to a few of them about their technique.

Stringer Cui Chaohua from China

“This is my first YONEX OPEN JAPAN! The atmosphere here is so great. I have been stringing for 19 years, and entered the Yonex Stringing Team in 2005, working primarily at domestic Chinese tournaments. When I strung for the 2008 Beijing Olympics was when the Yonex Stringing Team left a really strong impression on me. I could tell that we were evolving as a team, and providing great service. Me and everyone on them team is committed to stringing the racquets with care so the players can play with confidence.”

Stringer Seiichi Ishida from Japan

“I have been a stringer for 30 years, and have been stringing at YONEX OPEN JAPAN every year since 1998. I have been on the team since its inception, and feel we are all craftsmen devoted to high quality. My motto is ‘Carry out the player’s requests to the very best of my ability.’ I am always very motivated to string at YONEX OPEN JAPAN every year.

Want an idea of the high quality service these two are talking about? Check out the video below for stringing at its finest.

Visit the official Yonex Stringing Team website here.