Why Saina Nehwal is Proud to Play with YONEX

"It is like dream come true to play in the tournament. Ifm doing very hard practice under the expertise of my coach Sh P Gopi Chand Ji. We are fully concerned about the standard of this tournament." Saina strongly told us.

With her racquet NANORAY 700RP, Saina advanced to the final of the Superseries Finals in December, 2011 just after she started to use it. "Because my equipment of the game racquet is super quality, it gives me better reflexes, strength and accuracy, that won several Superseries titles. I reached to the final of the Superseries Finals because I was equipped with the best racquet from YONEX. My footwear was extremely cozy and the dress was so elegant that it makes me a world class player."

Saina's first impression for NANORAY was that the racquet was light and she also felt the return power was great. She added, "My racquet NANORAY is so well that I execute all the shots and cuts very accurately. It gives me better force and reflexes and it suits to my game of power which is my trade mark. The racquet includes all the latest cutting edge qualities for the badminton game, so I like it. It instills in me with power to come as winner in most of the tournaments. I want to win for my country in badminton and YONEX helps me in this pursuit. That is why I prefer to use YONEX equipments."

"YONEX gives me moral support. I am not worried about any discrepancy in my endeavour to play badminton. YONEX takes care of me like my parents, such as clothing, food, kits and moral support of immense value. My talent is sharpened because I am abiding by YONEX!"

The most prestigious tournament in the world is coming soon. Please check out Sainafs speedy games at Birmingham!

The images of Saina Nehwal are from the BWF Superseries Finals 2011.