YONEX Clubs Boost Players’ Performance for Win

JPGA and JLPGA Tour of 2012 has ended, and YONEX advisory staff have showed brilliant performances with our clubs during this season again.

At the season ending event, Golf Nippon Series JT Cup 2012, Ryo Ishikawa hit powerful and accurate drives. He recorded the longest driving distance, 292.88 yards, and kept the ball in the fairway on 62.5% throughout the event. Compared with Ryo’s play at the previous event in 2011, he improved his driving distance with 8 yards, and also increased the fairway keep average by 30%.

In this season, Bo-Mee Lee captured three titles at JLPGA Tour events. It was the second season for her to compete in Japan, and she achieved to be ranked as a second place in the money list this year. Bo-Mee, who became the top money winner in 2010’s KLPGA Tour, showed great improvement in her shots since she selected YONEX clubs. In the playoff at Ito En Ladies Golf Tournament 2012, Bo-Mee surprised galleries to hit a tee shot 290 yards. With her big drives, she won the trophy of the event.

These records and their performances proved that YONEX clubs have high quality. We believe our advisory staff will show us wonderful plays with our products again next year!


Ryo Ishikawa’s Gear

Driver: EZONE Driver

Wood: EZONE Fairway Woods (Type ST)

Iron: YONEX Irons

Bo-Mee Lee’s Gear

Driver: EZONE Driver Type 450

Wood: EZONE Fairway Woods (Type ST)

Shaft: Rexis NP Shaft L Series

Hybrid: EZONE Hybrids

Iron: EZONE Forged CB Irons

Shaft: NANOPREME Shaft


*Ryo’s image is from Golf Nippon Series JT Cup 2012. Bo-Mee’s image is from Ito En Ladies Golf Tournament 2012.