Yonex Denmark Open 2016: Strong Wins in Mixed Doubles

The 2016 Yonex Denmark Open got underway on October 18th, with the mixed doubles main draw getting off to a heated start.

European Players Prevail

Chris Adcock (VOLTRIC Z-FORCE Ⅱ, POWER CUSHION AERUS MENS) and Gabrielle Adcock (VOLTRIC Z-FORCE Ⅱ, POWER CUSHION 02 Ladies) went face to face with the Polish pair of Robert Mateusiak and Nadiezda Zieba. The tense first round would see the duos draw even at a game each, but the husband and wife team made a spirited comeback. Chris and Gabby seized strong control over the final game, at one point leading 14-4. Maintaining an unbroken lead, the pair triumphed 21-14 10-21 21-12.

Meanwhile, 2016 European Championships gold medalists and local favorites Christinna Pedersen (DUORA 7POWER CUSHION 02 LTD) and Joachim Fischer Nielsen powered past the Indian pair of Pranaav Jerry Chopra and Reddy N. Sikki. The Danish pair only required 36 minutes to dominate with a final score of 21-15 21-14.

Looking Towards Day 2

The second day of the tournament sees more of the world’s top players take to the court in a number of tantalizing matchups. Coming off of his sixth YONEX OPEN JAPAN title, Lee Chong Wei (DUORA 10 LCW, Yonex Shoes) will face off against Wei Nan. Meanwhile, hometown favorites Viktor Axelsen (ARCSABER 11, POWER CUSHION 65) and Jan O. Jorgensen (VOLTRIC 80 E-tune, POWER CUSHION COMFORT TOUR) will compete as the No. 2 and No. 3 seeds respectively, and are sure to please their local fans.

Viktor will be competing armed with the new AEROBITE—a unique hybrid-combo string set, featuring mains and crosses at different gauges. This unique string pattern applies heavy spin for decisive cut smashes as well as a solid touch on hairpins, sending the shuttle straight down into the opposing court.

“AEROBITE not only gives me good accuracy but I also find that my power in my smashes increases,” spoke Viktor, praising his new string. “Red and white are also the colors of the Danish flag. So I really enjoy the colors,” he continued, showing his national pride.

Yonex Denmark Open 2016 Tournament Results

Mixed Doubles (Round 1)

[3] Praveen Jordan (VOLTRIC Z-FORCE Ⅱ, POWER CUSHION 65)/Debby Susanto (NANOSPEED 9900, POWER CUSHION 65)(INA) def. Nico Ruponen/Amanda Hogstrom (SWE) 21-14 21-19

[4] Chris Adcock (VOLTRIC Z-FORCE Ⅱ, POWER CUSHION AERUS MENS)/Gabrielle Adcock (VOLTRIC Z-FORCE Ⅱ, POWER CUSHION 02 Ladies)(ENG) def. Robert Mateusiak/Nadiezda Zieba (POL) 21-14 10-21 21-12

[5] Joachim Fischer Nielsen/Christinna Pedersen (DUORA 7POWER CUSHION 02 LTD)(DEN) def. Pranaav Jerry Chopra/Reddy N. Sikki (IND) 21-15 21-14