Yonex French Open 2016: Danish Aces Win First Superseries Title of 2016

The Yonex French Open Superseries came to a close on October 30th, ushering in the grand return of Danish doubles aces Mathias Boe (DUORA 10, POWER CUSHION COMFORT TOUR) and Carsten Mogensen (VOLTRIC 70 E-tunePOWER CUSHION 65) to the winners’ podium.

Road to Victory

The semifinal placed the Danish veterans against their younger teammates Kim Astrup (DUORA 10POWER CUSHION AERUS MENS) and Anders Skaarup Rasmussen (DUORA 10, POWER CUSHION 65) in a 2-game affair that lasted for an extended 51 minutes. While the aggressive pair of Kim and Anders grabbed early leads in both games, the steadfast resolve and composure on the part of Mathias and Carsten let them slowly whittle down their opponents by way of their keen defense and well-timed attacks.

After drawing even at 13-13 in game 2, the experienced Danish duo expertly widened the gap, moving forward to secure a straight 21-19 21-17 victory. The deciding point came via a vicious smash from Carsten’s VOLTRIC 70 E-tune into corner of the court.

Mathias and Carsten faced the Thai pair of Bodin Isara (DUORA 10, POWER CUSHION 65) and Nipitphon Phuangphuapet (NANORAY Z-SPEED, POWER CUSHION 65) in the final. Both pairs played excellent in the opening two games—the Thai pair taking the first with vigor, winning with a meteoric smash. The second game saw the Danes harness their great experience over the Thai pair, forcing them into errors to win game 2. The match ended at 19-21 21-18 3-0 when the Thai pair had to retire due to an injury.

While their final match was unfortunately cut short, Mathias and Boe had an amazing run at the tournament, winning three of their five matches in straight games. This marks their third Yonex French Open title and their first Superseries title since winning at the Yonex All England Open Badminton Championships in 2015. “It’s our first (Superseries) win of 2016 and we are extremely delighted,” commented the pair post-match on the official BWF website.

Bodin and Nipitphon also boasted a great run, defeating two seeded pairs on their way to the final. This tournament also saw the Thai pair make it to their second straight Superseries final after the Yonex Denmark Open. Meanwhile, women’s singles saw American Zhang Beiwen (ARCSABER 11, Yonex Shoes) place as the women’s singles finalist against He Bingjiao. She defeated two seeded players on her way to her first Superseries final.

Yonex French Open 2016 Tournament Results

Women’s Singles (Final)

He Bingjiao (CHN) def. Zhang Beiwen (ARCSABER 11, Yonex Shoes)(USA) 21-9 21-9

Men’s Doubles (Final)

[2] Mathias Boe (DUORA 10, POWER CUSHION COMFORT TOUR)/Carsten Mogensen (VOLTRIC 70 E-tunePOWER CUSHION 65)(DEN) def. Bodin Isara (DUORA 10, POWER CUSHION 65)/Nipitphon Phuangphuapet (NANORAY Z-SPEED, POWER CUSHION 65)(THA) 19-21 21-18 3-0 Retired