YONEX Makes New Contract with Eun-Shin Park

YONEX is pleased to announce that we have made a new contract with JPGA Tour player Eun-Shin Park of Korea, and support his activities as the equipment sponsor including YONEX shaft. At Thailand Open which begins this Thursday, Eun-Shin is going to start using YONEX clubs.

22-year-old Eun-Shin played 16 JPGA Tour tournament in 2012, and showed good performance to be seeded in the next season though it was his first challenge for the Japan tour. He is one of the most promising players who has 290 yards big drive on average. According to the 2012 JGTO driving distance data, his record was ranked in the top 8 among the tour players.

Eun-Shin is excited about this agreement, “YONEX support is excellent and I felt that I would like to play with YONEX gear here in Japan. My choice i-EZONE TX Driver with REXIS NP Shaft helps me to generate stronger and straighter shots. I’m also pleased with its performance for distance and control. To be honest, I was surprised that YONEX have completed the adjustments for my clubs on the first try. My first goal in this season is to win a title in the Japan tour, and then I aim for playing at the British Open. I try to achieve great results as a member of YONEX players.”

We believe his success with our clubs in this season, and continue to develop the ideal golf gear for players.

Eun-Shin Park’s gear

Driver: i-EZONE TX Driver

Shaft: REXIS NP Shaft M series

FW: EZONE Fairway Wood Type St

Shaft: REXIS NP Shaft M series

Hybrid: i-EZONE Hybrid / EZONE Zero Iron

Shaft: YONEX

Iron: EZONE Forged MB Iron

Wedge: EZONE Tour Wedge


Shoes: YONEX

Clothing: YONEX

Career Highlights

2012 Diamond Cup Golf T9th

2012 Sun Chlorella Classic T8th