YONEX Official Stringer at Toray Pan Pacific Open & Rakuten Japan Open

YONEX is proud to announce that it will once again act as the official stringer at the 2015 Toray Pan Pacific Open (9/21-9/27) and 2015 Rakuten Japan Open (10/5-10/11) tournaments.

The YONEX Stringing Team is an international team of some of the finest craftsmen that have devoted themselves to exceptional service and quality. Assisting them is a top lineup of made-in-Japan YONEX stringing machines, delivering the industry standard in racquet stringing. These stringers’ top skills mixed with cutting-edge technology have made the YONEX Stringing Team highly regarded among the world’s top players at a number of international tournaments.

YONEX is very honoured to have been chosen as the official stringer for two of Japan’s biggest tennis tournaments. It goes without saying that YONEX Stringing Team will go above and beyond in contributing to making each of these tournaments a success, as well as keep players informed on the detailed information they need to know about their racquet’s strings and stringing.

The YONEX Stringing Team is devoted to boosting athletes’ performance and providing customers with excellent service. With rich knowledge and exquisite technique, the Yonex Stringing Team participates at a number of tennis, badminton and soft tennis tournaments around the world.

For more information visit the official YONEX Stringing Team Site.