Yonex Opens New Racquet Factory at Niigata Production Head Office

On April 27th Yonex completed the construction of a new racquet factory at its Niigata Production Head Office, with a special ceremony held to honor the occasion.

The construction of the new factory comes in response to an increase in global demand. Along with a boost in production capacity, the new factory allows for more effective and accurate quality control at certain points in the production process with the introduction of IoT technology. The factory will also be moving towards automatization in a number of areas to decrease production costs. Furthermore, in collaboration with the nearby Nagaoka University of Technology, the factory will see a boost in R&D strength, and act as a hot bed for the creation of new ideas, new materials and new technology.

The manufacturing processes at the new factory have also seen improvement, cutting down the time between the initial order and shipment by 30%, allowing for a speedier response to customer demand.

Through unique technology, innovative R&D, and keen synergy with its other factories, Yonex aims to exceed customer expectations with this new factory and continue to deliver the highest quality products to people around the world.

Factory Overview

Name: Niigata Production Head Office – Nagaoka Factory No. 2

Specialty: Racquet Production

Construction: 2-Story Steel Construction

Area of Total Premises: 15,000.12 m2

Total Floor Space: 10,538.56 m2

Commencement of Operations: June 2016 (Planned)

Total Financial Investment: Approx. 2.5 Billion Yen (Planned)

Production Capacity: 10% increase in racquet production capacity planned by end of 2016. With gradual expansion of production lines, the factory is expected to increase racquet production by 150% in an estimated five years.