YONEX Renews Contract with China’s Fujian Badminton Team

On July 28th YONEX renewed its contract with China’s Fujian Provincial Badminton Team. A ceremony for the contract signing was held at Fujian Sports Vocational Education and Technical College, with both YONEX officials and members of the team in attendance. Along with re-affirming continued cooperation and further success, all the individuals in attendance solidified their stance of promoting badminton in China and developing sport as a whole even more throughout the nation.

The Fujian Provincial Badminton Team is the only YONEX-supported provincial badminton team in China. The team is well known as one of the strongest in the country, and was the first professional badminton team to be formed upon the establishment of the People's Republic of China. The region of Fujian has seen the emergence of several highly skilled shuttlers, many of whom have made their way onto the global stage.

Over the past 30 years 20 world champions from the Chinese National Team got their start in Fujian, and the region has come to be known as the “Birthplace of World Champions.” Legends Lee Chong Wei and Lin Dan also have roots in Fujian, and the phrase “Fujian Brigade” is one that represents a history of passion and honor.

As well as renewing YONEX’s partnership with the Fujian team, YONEX sponsored Fujian’s 2015 provincial tournament which ran between July 18th and 19th. Along with sponsoring such tournaments, YONEX continues to spread badminton across the globe by developing young talent and team cultivation.