YONEX Stringing Team Commences Official Stringing Service at 2016 Australian Open

YONEX is kicking off 2016 at the first Grand Slam of the year: The Australian Open. As Official Stringing Partner of the Australian Open for 2016, top stringers have already touched down at the site on January 8th, and are hard at work. The YONEX Stringing Team will be at the venue providing the best stringing service so players can compete at their absolute fullest.

The team assembled for this year’s Australian Open brings together 23 stringers from 12 different nations. Leading the team is stringing veteran Mark Maslowski, who has strung at a great number of Grand Slams and holds vast experience on both the ATP and WTA tours.

About the YONEX Stringing Team

The YONEX Stringing Team is a global network of stringers rich with knowledge and proven skills. To allow players the best performance possible and provide customers with exceptional service, the team strives tirelessly to sharpen its expertise and techniques.

The YONEX Stringing Team is active at several tournaments worldwide across tennis, badminton and soft tennis, providing support for the world’s top players, as well as offering the best stringing service to customers.


  • The YONEX Stringing Team got its humble start as an after-sales service for YONEX racquets.

  • In the 1990s, the advances in design and materials of both racquets and strings saw greater emphasis on the importance of stringing.

  • With the release of the Japanese ES 5 PRO stringing machine in 2002, the YONEX Stringing Team became fully active on a global scale, stringing at a number of tournaments.

  • Receiving great praise for its service within tennis and badminton, the YONEX Stringing Team providing stringing service for the 2008 Beijing Olympics and 2012 London Olympics.

  • The YONEX Stringing Team signed on as official stringer for the Toray Pan Pacific Open and Rakuten Japan Open in 2012 and 2014 respectively.

  • With a team of tennis stringers strong at roughly 380 individuals from over 20 different nations, the YONEX Stringing Team has gained trust and respect from the world’s top players, and has been chosen as the Official Stringing Partner of the Australian Open.

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