FUSIONREV: The 4th-generation shoe focuses on fit

TOKYO — Yonex Co., Ltd. is proud to announce the FUSIONREV 4 tennis shoe, focused on performance fit.

The 4th-generation FUSIONREV features the identifiable inner bootie and asymmetrical laces found in previous generations, but has evolved to provide additional arch support, better gripping, and a softer fit with more bounce so players can push off stronger and prepare for the next shot.

POWER CUSHION +, Yonex’s signature shock-absorbing material, is strategically placed in the forefoot and heel positions where the most pressure is applied. POWER CUSHION + technology is designed for faster footwork that transforms impact into energy. Compared to conventional cushioning (EVA), POWER CUSHION + has 28%*1 more shock absorption and 62%*2 more repulsion.

The FUSIONREV 4 launches at participating retailers worldwide at the end of February and is available in the 75th collection colors (white with blue and green accents), red / white, navy / ice blue (clay), and navy / lavender (clay, women’s).

1Tested by Yonex
2Measured by the Japan Vehicle Inspection Association


Fusion Wing

Increased support
A winglet-like material is integrated in the upper-mid section as a firm support for your metatarsals. The inner skin helps arch support, maximizing stability during aggressive movements.

Semi One-Piece Outsole

Improved gripping
By connecting the forefoot and heel area of the sole, the contact area with the ground increases, improving gripping.

Feather Bounce Foam

Softer feel with more bounce
A lightweight material is incorporated in the midsole and combines with POWER CUSHION + to protect the foot at impact.

Inner Bootie

Natural, more gentle fit
A one-piece tongue from the metatarsal to the heel is designed to wrap around the foot for a more natural moving experience.

Asymmetrical Laces

Less pressure on the top of the foot
An asymmetrical lacing system relieves stress from the upper area of the foot. By diverting the laces from the navicular and cuneiform bones, tension and compression are reduced in these key areas, allowing for improved footwork.


  • “They feel light and durable, the fit is really good.”
  • “Of course they feel good, but they look really cool too.”
  • “I like that they snug my feet properly without feeling too tight.”
  • “Materials are really comfortable but I can tell the shoe is durable, which you don’t normally find.”
  • “It’s a really good shoe for sliding on hard courts.”


Clay Court
All Court (Women’s)
Clay Court (Women’s)
Color White (75th)
Red / White
Navy / Ice Blue (Clay)
White (75th)
Navy / Lavender (Clay)
Upper Synthetic Fiber + Synthetic Resin
Midsole Synthetic Resin
Outsole Rubber
Size JP (22.0 – 30.0, 31.0cm)
US (4 – 12, 13)
EU (36 – 49.5)
JP (22.0 – 27.0cm)
US (5 - 10)
EU (34 – 44)
Weight 335g / 11.8oz per 26.0cm 305g / 10.8oz per 24.5cm
Technology POWER CUSHION +, Feather Bounce Foam, Round Sole / R7, DURABLE SKIN, DURABLE SKIN LIGHT, Inner Bootie, Endurance Rubber, Toe Assist Shape
Launch Date End of Feb. 2021


White (75th) Red / White
Navy / Ice Blue (Clay)


White (75th) Navy / Lavender (Clay)