Yonex Announces Expansion Plans in Nagaoka to Meet Shifting Demands in Performance and Volume

Nagaoka, Niigata JAPAN -- Yonex began construction of a new research and development facility, the Yonex Performance Innovation Center*1, an expansion to the existing Nagaoka development and manufacturing site. The facility is aimed at strengthening the analysis of the variety of ways people play sports in a more accurate and timely manner. Alongside the innovation center will be an additional manufacturing site to increase the capacity of Japan-made tennis racquets.


The planning of the Yonex Performance Innovation Center began with an overall emphasis to better understand every player’s needs when playing sports. Performance in sport is constantly evolving, not only at the professional level but at all levels of participation, especially after people’s evolving relationship with sports since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. To add, the general customer in the sporting goods market place is becoming more fluent in product performance and benefits, allowing for more informed product selection that fit each of their playstyles. 


In order to introduce performance-driven innovations for different player levels and types, a richer analysis of diverse playstyles is necessary. To achieve this, the innovation center will be equipped with state-of-the-art analysis equipment to measure players’ movements, in conjunction with numerous tennis courts that simulate Grand Slam court conditions*2, eight badminton courts, and other training facilities that reproduce performance conditions of the sports. This center will also be built to act as a training base for athletes. By building the innovation center next to the expanding manufacturing site allows for quicker implementation of prototypes to consumer products.


The additional manufacturing site will begin construction in November 2023, a site primarily focused on tennis racquets. Yonex tennis racquets have been highly regarded by top players for their performance where at the 2023 Australian Open, Yonex was the second most-used racquet and string brand amongst participants*3. Alongside higher rates of adoption by professionals, the Yonex brand is gaining popularity among tennis fans, seeing an increase in brand presence in North America, Europe, and other markets around the world.


Yonex is committed to providing innovation-driven, high quality products to everyday athletes and world-class athletes alike, and through this expansion plan, will strive to improve and increase the products that will support their game.


*1 Tentative Name

*2 Australian Open: Hardcourt, French Open: Clay court, Wimbledon: Grass court, US Open: Hardcourt

*3 Racquet usage rate of Australian Open finalists, based on our research


About New R&D Facility Profile

1. Name:              Yonex Performance Innovation Center (Tentative Name)

2. Location:           Nakayama, Takato-cho, Nagaoka-shi, Niigata

3. Floor Area:        8,730㎡

4. Completion of Construction:           June 2024 (Scheduled)


About New Factory Profile

1. Name:              Yonex Niigata Factory, Nagaoka Building B (Tentative Name)

2. Location:           Nakayama, Takato-cho, Nagaoka-shi, Niigata

3. Floor Area:        12,000㎡

4. Start of Construction:                     November 2023 (Scheduled)

5. Completion of Construction:           June 2025 (Scheduled)