Impression for EZONE Xi from Taiwan

Name: Hsieh Shu Ying
Age: 18
Occupation: Player
Status: WTA Ranking 840 (as of May 7th, 2012)
Racquet: EZONE Xi (String: PTGP125/ Tension: 50 lbs )

The EZONE Xi is more stable than the previous model and also, I can swing smoother.
This racquet has good balance and large sweet spot, so I can hit a powerful ball with these technologies. I think that this racquet is suited for offensive players.
Since this racquet gives me a great control, I can hit the ball with more accuracy.
This racquet reduces vibrations so much that it doesn't harm my wrist.

Name: Lee Chao Yu
Age: 52
Occupation: Coach
Racquet: EZONE Xi Lite (String: PTGP125/ Tension: 40 lbs )

When I used the EZONE Xi for the first time, I felt that this racquet was very maneuverable.
Then, there were less vibrations, so I can play comfortably.
Because the EXTRA ISOMETRIC offers a great repulsion power, I can hit a ball easily. In addition, with more swing speed I can hit a ball with the explosive power.
This racquet has also a great stability so I can control a ball even if I hit off-centre.