Impression for VCORE Tour from Europe

Attacking with VCORE Tour 97, No. 18 seed Stanislas Wawrinka dominated the 3rd round match in US Open. He earned 15 service aces and 31 winners during the match and advanced to the 4th round.

We have uploaded many impressions for VCORE Tour from around the world on our website. If you want to get more information about the racquet which supports Stanfs offensive performance, please check it out.

Name: Owe Stenvall
Age: 35
Occupation: Tennis Coach
Racquet: VCORE Tour 97

The VCORE Tour 97 is a great new players racquet from YONEX. It gives me great power, comfort, control, spin, and stability. With this racquet I can play aggressive from all areas of the court and swing at a high speed without sacrificing too much control and with great precision. I can also hit heavy precise serves and good penetrating slices with this racquet.
I really like this racquet so Ifve already decided to switch to the new VCORE Tour 97."

Name: Raphael Larcher
Occupation: Tennis Coach
Racquet: VCORE Tour 97

In the beginning, I thought this racquet was really light, although it is 310g. But it felt very light. I got used to it very fast, now I feel very good about this racquet, it feels more maneuverable.

As always with YONEX racquets, control is excellent. Thatfs very important for me. It feels very good in my hand. Also, the design is very nice, I like it even more that the old ones.

All in all, I feel very happy about VCORE Tour 97!"