Kashiwa Reysol Captures Their First J. League Title!

Kashiwa Reysol captured their first-ever J. League (Japan’s Professional Football League) Division 1 title - in YONEX clothing - after defeating Urawa Reds by 3-1 on Saturday, December 3rd.

Last year, Reysol won the Division 2 to be promoted to the Division 1. Reysol became the first-ever team in the J. League’s history for winning Division 2 and Division 1 in a row.

Reysol got a qualification for the Club World Cup which will be held in late December.

Specializing for soccer clothing, YONEX uses Xylitol-impregnated VERYCOOL which has been used for badminton, tennis and golf clothing. No matter what the ambient temperature, VERYCOOL lowers body heat by 3oC for cooler play. VERYCOOL also filters and intercepts ultraviolet and infrared radiation to minimize heat build-up in the shirt during play.

YONEX is very proud to be a sponsor of Kashiwa Raysol’s clothing and will provide better products which players will be able to perform with their best condition.