Made in Japan: The New Super Soft “EZONE CB 301 Forged Iron"

YONEX CO., LTD. is proud to announce the launch of the new “EZONE CB 301 Midsize Forged Iron”, targeted at intermediate to advanced golfers seeking maximum feel and playability.

This new super soft forged iron, developed at Yonex’s Niigata Manufacturing Headquarters in Japan, achieves, the combination that every golfer craves, the shot control of a traditional muscle back iron combined with the playability of a cavity back iron.

The tour proven “G-BRID Technology (Graphite Hybrid)” crafted into the cavity dampens unwanted vibrations improving the ball strike feel, while producing a lower and deeper center of gravity for maximum playability.

The new Vacuum Heat Treatment manufacturing technique further enhances the super soft feel by approximately 20% when compared to traditional forgings for the control and feel sought by professionals and advanced players.

Yonex LPGA Tour Star, Hyo-Joo Kim who is playing the new EZONE CB 301 commented: “The ball-strike feels softer than ever before and it feels like the ball stays on the face longer which is great. I get outstanding control from the head, and I’m excited to have this new iron in my bag for 2018.”

1. G-BRID (Graphite Hybrid) Structure: Improved ball strike feeling and a lower, deeper center of gravity
By filling the cavity with a Graphite dampening material (G-BRID) unwanted vibrations are reduced for an improved ball striking feel. It also produces a lower and deeper center of gravity, increasing the size of the sweet area for improved playability.

2.Vacuum Heat Treatment*: New manufacturing technique improving the feel compared to traditional forgings
The new Vacuum Heat Treatment manufacturing technique makes the forging approximately 20% softer than other forgings for maximum ball control and a super soft feel preferred by professionals and advanced players.

*Vacuum Heat Treatment has a patent pending in Japan

Product Summary
Body: Forged S25C Steel + Graphite Composite
Grip: Tour Velvet (with YONEX Logo)

Made in Japan