Meet the Team: Mark Maslowski

Mark Maslowski is another stringing veteran who is a key member of the Yonex Stringing Team. He is President of the European Racquet Stringers Association (ERSA), and has handled stringing duties for a great number of top athletes. We sat down to talk to him about his road to becoming a stringer, how to get the most out of your restrings, and more.

How did you become a stringer?

I had always played tennis, but I only really started stringing when I was in university. Getting someone to string up your racquet is quite expensive, and there were cases where the restrings were too soft or too tight. As a result, I decided to take up stringing on my own to save money and get exactly the right feel I wanted.

How did you learn your skills?

Learn by example. I carefully watched other stringers at work, and did the same as they did. After picking up the basics, I would regularly go up to stringers and ask for their advice on how to improve.

What do you focus on the most when stringing?

I require complete concertation when stringing, so I typically don’t make small talk or pick up the phone when working on a racquet. I need to make sure everything is perfect from start to finish.

What do you think of the team this year?

We have assembled another great team this year. Many of the members are the same as last year, but we have a few new faces. Everyone’s really skilled, and I think we have put together a superb team once again.

Do you have any advice to those who want to become a stringer?

If you want to become a stringer, it is very important to receive instruction from a professional and don’t just start on your own. You will always make mistakes, but if there is someone with experience by your side, you can get immediate feedback and improve at a faster rate.

Do you have any advice for amateur players about the importance of stringing?

It is very important to get individual advice from a seasoned professional stringer when it comes to your own racquets and strings. They know the most about the type of string you should use and what tension it should be strung at.

Find a Yonex stringer near you at the official Yonex Stringing Team website.