POLYTOUR PRO ranked No.1 in Stringforum

YONEX tennis string POLYTOUR PRO 125 is ranked No.1 both in the Stringforum/Saitenforum as of October 28th.

Stringforum/Saitenforum is a famous website, especially for stringers in Germany, which introduces various tennis string from all brands. Stringforum is English version for worldwide use and Saitenforum is for Germany, Austria and Switzerland who speak German. The websites exist since 1998 and up to now they had 12,887 testers, which means 12,887 people have already written their feedback to the site.

Monthly ranking as of October 28th, POLYTOUR PRO 125 is ranked No.1 with 1,376 points in Stringforum and 994 in Saitenforum. Especially, ‘Control’ and ‘Feel’ got the higher rates from testers.

The quality of POLYTOUR PRO 125 is also proved by tour players like Maria Kirilenko who has just won WTA Championships Doubles title. She has been using POPLYTOUR PRO 125 for two years and talked ‘I just love it and I will continue to play with this one. I don't wanna change it to anything else because I feel so good’.