The Best Finale of 2013 for Lee, Ahsan/Setiawan & Juhl/Pedersen

The last day of the BWF World Superseries Finals was filled with an exciting atmosphere at Stadium Badminton in Kuala Lumpur. Malaysian fans made their presence known throughout the stadium. Lee Chong Wei (VTZF, SHB01LTD), Mohammad Ahsan (ARC-FB)/Hendra Setiawan (NR800, SHBF1NLTD), Kamilla Rytter Juhl (NR-ZSP)/Christinna Pedersen(NR800, SHB-01LX) won the titles of this year’s closing event.

In his match against Tommy Sugiarto (ARC11), Chong Wei exhibited performance vastly different from other matches during the tournament. Inspired by playing for his home crowd, Chong Wei delivered multiple smashes with devastating power leaving Tommy only a few chances to attack. Controlling the rally, Chong Wei defeated Tommy to win the title with a score 21-10 21-12.

Mohammad/Hendra have been showing great performances throughout this year winning many major titles, including the World Championships in August. They played against Kim Ki Jung/Kim Sa Rang of Korea for the title. Attacking faster and earlier than the Korean pair, Indonesian duo Mohammad/Hendra were very aggressive throughout the match, taking the title 21-14 21-16.

Kamilla/Christinna faced China‘s Ma Jin/Tang Jinhua, who defeated the Danish duo twice this year. Kamilla/Christinna aggressively applied pressure by driving shots, forcing their opponents to stay in the back of the court. With their rapid firing shots they finally defeated the Chinese duo 21-19 21-12. “Words can’t describe how happy we feel right now“, the duo commented on their Facebook page.

Christinna also won the mixed doubles title. She and Joachim Fischer Nielsen had a tough match against China‘s Zhang Nan/Zhao Yunlei. They lost the first game 21-12, however, they took back the pressured second game 21-19. The Danish pair attacked even faster than the previous game in the decider, finally winning the match 12-21 21-19 21-10.

Tournament Results: Finals


Men’s singles

Lee Chong Wei (VTZF, SHB01LTD)(MAS) def. Tommy Sugiarto (ARC11, SHB01LTD)(INA) 21-10 21-12


Men’s Doubles

Mohammad Ahsan (ARC-FB)/Hendra Setiawan (NR800, SHBF1NLTD)(INA) def. 21-14 21-16


Women’s Doubles

Kamilla Rytter Juhl (NR-ZSP)/Christinna Pedersen (NR800, SHB-01LX)(DEN) def. Ma Jin/Tang Jinhua (CHN) 21-19 21-12


Mixed Doubles

Joachim Fischer Nielsen/Christinna Pedersen (NR800, SHB-01LX)(DEN) def. Zhang Nan/Zhao Yunlei (CHN) 12-21 21-19 21-10