VCORE Tour Receives a Huge Access

YONEX received a huge access on the VCORE Tour website because Stanislas Wawrinka showed brilliant performance with the new racquet during the Roland Garros in Paris.

Here are some impressions from Europe and some of them feel improvements on their shots.

Name: Vladislav Cupak (Slovakia)
Age: 32
Status: Coach
Racquet: VCORE Tour 97
String: POLYTOUR SPIN (25/24kg)
gThis racquet is very good because the feeling is really nice, and the power and control are also high level. Playing with this racquet is really perfect, especially from the base line. The flex of racquet gives a lot of spin and my game with VCORE Tour 97 was really perfect. I have felt really great especially by lifted cross forehand. I recommend this racquet for players with the good play from the base line and great technique with a little bit more aggressive style."

Name: Alex Charpantidis (Poland)
Age: 29
Occupation: Wroclaw
Status: Coach
Belong to: MatchPoint
Racquet: VCORE Tour 97
String: POLYTOUR PRO 125 (24/23kg)
gIt is my third YONEX racquet I had used last time. I love it from the beginning. Not so heavy, ideal balance and control for net points. Very good compromise between power and control.
I feel my service is more powerful and volley is excellent. Itfs a very good racquet for professional players, former players and coaches."

Name: Normunds Cubis (Latvia)
Age: 23
Occupation: Coach
Status: Multiple Latvian youth tennis team participant
Racquet: VCORE Tour 97
String: POLYTOUR PRO 125 (27/26kg)
gVery good news. The feeling was that I was expecting. I hope YONEX will continue to create new and good things. I feel improvement on my cross backhand with this racquet."