POLYTOUR REV 120/125/130

Intense bite and control from SIF technology* (Silicone Infused Filament)
*SIF technology is developed in cooperation with NANODAX

For baseliners with medium-to-fast swing speeds looking for a shaped string (8-sided) that grabs onto the ball for the ultimate spin experience.
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Color(s) Mint, Purple, White, Bright Orange
Gauge 17 (1.20mm), 16L (1.25mm), 16 (1.30mm)
Length Set (12 m) / Reel (200 m)
Material Polyester (Octagon Monofilament)
Made In Japan
Item Code SET (12m): PTGR120; PTGR125; PTGR130
REEL (200m): PTR120-2; PTR125-2; PTR130-2