ASTROX NEXTAGE: Addictive Feel


TOKYO, Japan – ASTROX racquets are revered for power, but strength is required to unlock the full potential. Strength is easier to unlock when the shot feeling is comfortable and requires less strain. The brand new ASTROX NEXTAGE is the key to unfiltered power with an addictive hitting feel. The racquet is designed for intermediate players looking for more power with a comfortable hitting feel, while advancing their game to the next level. ASTROX NEXTAGE will hit store shelves on January 17, 2023.


This new addition to the ASTROX series is designed with a newly innovated frame that absorbs impact, providing a revolutionary hitting feel with controlled shots. In addition to the Rotational Generator System that enables quick recovery for a continuous stream of powerful attacks, the bottom of the newly innovated frame is lined with Vibration Dampening Mesh (VDM). This absorbs impact, making the shot feel softer and resulting in less strain. Wide diameter grommets have also been imbedded on the sides to hold the shuttlecock at impact and allow the player more control over their attacks. Overall, the shape and flexibility of the frame are precisely developed to enhance the speed and power performance of the racquet. The slim Aero Frame shape on top reduces air resistance, adding speed to each shot, and the flexibility of the frame sides result in energy transfer from the user into the shot, providing more power with ease. The overall frame construction creates the addictive feel of this racquet, enticing players to smash harder more frequently.


ASTROX NEXTAGE is designed in a muted colorway consisting of a black base with dark green accents, finished off with a matte finish, creating a luxurious and chic aesthetic. For more details on this one-of-a-kind racquet ask your local retailers and stringers.





Rotational Generator System

Intricate weight distribution technology designed with the counterbalance theory that allows head-heavy racquets to recover faster between shots. 


Vibration Dampening Mesh (VDM)

Vibration Dampening Mesh is a stretchy material rolled with graphite to greatly reduce unwanted vibrations.


Wide Diameter Grommets

Control the shuttle-release timing with larger grommets designed for more string movement, extending the shuttle contact time.



The utilization of the E.B. CAP PLUS (Energy Boost Cap Plus) is to increase snapback.